The Hugo Boss Prize 2016: 20 years

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The Hugo Boss Prize honors outstanding achievement in contemporary art, celebrating the work of remarkable artists whose practices are among the most innovative and influential of our time. The biennial prize—which marks its 20th anniversary this year—sets no restrictions on age, gender, nationality, or medium. Juried by an international panel of distinguished museum directors, curators, and critics, […]

If You Don’t Have Bread, Eat Art!: Contemporary Art and Derivative Fascisms

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Is art a currency? Investor Stefan Simchowitz thinks so. He wrote with uncompromising clarity about the post-Brexit era: “Art will effectively continue its structural function as an alternative currency that hedges against inflation and currency depreciation.” Have silver paintings become a proxy gold standard? How did it come to this? During the ongoing crisis, investors […]

Swatch embroiders it

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La pareja de artistas argentinos Chiachio & Giannone, famosos por sus cuadros bordados, crean un reloj de edición limitada para el fabricante suizo por David Quesada para Arquitectura y Diseño Desde hace tiempo, Swatch mantiene un vínculo estrecho con el mundo del arte: colabora con la Bienal de Venecia, patrocina el festival de cine de […]

Guerrilla Girls critique 383 European art institutions

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Opening tomorrow, the activist group’s exhibition ‘Is it worse in Europe’ surveys the diversity of European galleries and museums Source: DAZED digital Text: Ashleigh Kane Today, the Guerrilla Girls’ Frida Kahlo and Kathe Kollwitz unveiled their first UK show, Is it even worse in Europe? at London’s Whitechapel Gallery. The exhibition, which publicly opens tomorrow, […]

Show at WALDEN: Espacio de uso

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(O el uso del espacio que hace Martín Cordiano en su primera muestra individual en la galería WALDEN) A Martín Cordiano hace años le preocupa el habitar. No en un sentido profundamente doméstico o específicamente banal, sino más bien en un sentido genérico. La mirada de Martín apunta a lo que es común en el […]